Panoramic maps of the area for development projects

Panoramic map is an effective marketing tool that can be included, among other things, on the development’s website. They allow not only the presentation of panoramic views, but also the strategic labelling of infrastructure dedicated to residents. It is a tool particularly dedicated to developers and the real estate industry.

Panoramic maps support sales. When viewing a neighbourhood through an interactive map of the development, the customer gets to know the area and begins to become familiar with it, even ‘used to it’. He or she begins to imagine what his or her life will be like there: where he or she will go for a walk, shopping, etc. in the real surroundings, which the map of the investment brings closer to him or her. Future resident begins to imagine what his life will be like there: where he will go for a walk, shopping, etc., in the real environment that the investment map brings him.

Advantages of panoramic maps:

    1. The photos are taken in high resolution, during sunny days and processed to make them colourful and attractive.
    2. We show the current state of the area. Publicly available satellite maps are not kept up to date. Most of the time, the customer sees what the area looked like several years ago. Our investment maps can also be updated to show the progress of construction work.
    3. We select important points for future residents to mark infrastructure. We have influence on the selection of environmental elements that will be highlighted and may also be made available in the presentation.
    4. We mark the area to the horizon. We are not limited to the immediate area – we can present the attractions of the surroundings even if the infrastructure next to the development itself is not yet developed.
    5. Thanks to the perspective from which we view the investment, there is no disorder during the construction work.
    6. We overlay the panoramas with plans and visualisations to show the spatial layout of future developments.


Example – Estate at Błonia Rumia – Euro Styl

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