Invest Maps – panoramic maps of the area of ​​development investments

Drone panoramas can be used as panoramic maps on websites. On maps you can mark for example infrastructure for residents. It is the tool dedicated especially for developers and real estate industry.

Panoramic maps support sales, a customer watching the area and getting know it, starts settle into it and “getting used to” it, maybe is already wondering how will the life look there, where to go for a walk, go to shop etc. – in real life.

Advanteges of panoramic maps:

  1. Pictures are taken in high resolution in sunny weather and edited to be colorful and attractive
  2. We show the current state of the area,if a customer is interested to see on Google Maps and satellite pictures normally can see the stan from the past
  3. We choose places to mark infrastructure as we want – what’s important for citizens but also we can choose what we want to show and what to skip, on Google Maps clients mostly see what is shown – the cemetery, car repair shop etc
  4. We mark the map to the horizon (!), We have no limitations to the immediate area – we can show the attractions of the area, even if the nearest spaces around the investment are not well developed.
  5. No mess on the construction site is visible from above.

The example – Cis Gdynia housing estate – Euro Styl

Panoramic maps on Facebook

Mapy panoramiczne mogą być umieszczane bezpośrednio na Facebooku jako zdjęcia 360, można je wtedy oglądać obracając się w zdjęciu panoramicznym.

Facebook allows you to put panoramic photos directly on the wall just like regular photos. Posts with 360 photos attract attention because of their interactivity, they also have more likes and shares due to the fact that they are posted less frequently. Thanks to this, they also achieve greater ranges..

You can also post modified panoramas on Facebook – you can add subtitles, graphics, icons and marks to them.

Facebook panoramas can also be added to the website,as it’s shown in the example beside this text .

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